Nourishing the links between land and table

Restaurant Rewards Program

REAP's Restaurant Rewards program is designed to financially reward restaurants who purchase and promote Wisconsin fruits and vegetables.

lisa spinachWisconsin restaurants have been purchasing an increased quantity of local products, but in the past five years purchases of local dairy, meats, and prepared foods have grown at a faster rate than local produce. REAP's Restaurant Rewards program gives financial incentives to restaurants for purchasing Wisconsin-grown fruits and vegetables and promoting these purchasing decisions. As of February 2014, all Buy Fresh Buy Local restaurant partners are invited to participate in this program. 

Restaurant Rewards Goals

  • Increase sales for local fruit and vegetable growers
  • Create new farmer-chef relationships
  • Encourage food service establishments to design menu options highlighting local fruits and vegetables
  • Increase awareness of local produce amongst diners at participating food service establishments
  • Assist and educate chefs who are uncertain about how to purchase and use local fruits and vegetables on their menus
  • Publish a how-to guide to help chefs purchase and market local produce

Program Details

Restaurants' individual reimbursements are determined by a rubric based on purchasing data and new marketing efforts that showcase Wisconsin-grown fruits and vegetables. The rubric is available here (PDF). Buy Fresh Buy Local partner restaurants can sign up at any time during the 2014 growing season, though we encourage partners to sign up as early as possible to take full advantage of the resources REAP has to offer. Rewards will be distributed in January 2015 after complete 2014 purchasing data has been received.

Sign up for the program by contacting Sarah Larson via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at 608-310-7832.