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PIE PALOOZA 2016 - OCTOBER 30,2016

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Pie Palooza is a festive brunch celebrating local, Wisconsin-grown ingredients and all things pie. Attendees get their pick of two slices from a buffet of scrumptious sweet and savory pies, tarts, quiches, turnovers, and others, along with a farm-fresh salad and delicious beverages.

Tickets are $18 in advance and $20 at the door (while available), and are sold in four timed seatings. Purchase tickets today!

Want a free slice of pie? Get one free slice for every volunteer shift you work. Sign up today!

Pie Palooza FAQ

How do the timed seatings work? 
We sell tickets for four timed seatings to assure shorter lines and plenty of seats. You may purchase a ticket for 9:30-10:30am, 10:30-11:30am, 11:30am-12:30pm, or 12:30-1:30pm. Walkups welcome if slots are not sold out.

How many pie selections will there be at each seating?
We will have a good selection (3-4 savory pies and 3-4 sweet pies) available at each of the seatings.

How much to tickets cost?
Advance tickets are $18 per person. Tickets may be purchased online. If time slots are not sold out, tickets will be available at the door on the day of the event for $20.

Are there tickets for kids? 
We do not sell reduced price children's tickets. But since a meal consists of two slices of pie and a salad and drink, you can choose to share it with your children any way you like. We will sell "extra slice" tickets at the door for ticketholders who feel two slices aren't quite enough. (Extra slice tickets will be $5)

Are there vegetarian options? 
There will be vegetarian pie options available throughout the day. We'll note when sweet pies are made with lard in the crusts. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee options for vegan, gluten-free, or other dietary restrictions.

The 2016 pie flavors sound fabulous and are made using local ingredients from eggs and milk to flour and fruit.


  • Dark Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie - Batch Bakehouse
  • Pumpkin Pie - Batch Bakehouse
  • Sweet Apple Pie with a Kick - Blackhawk Country Club
  • Spiced Apple Mascarpone Tart - CIRC
  • Morren Orchard Seckel Pear with Bos Meadery Buckwheat Mead Reduction - Field Table
  • Pear and Cranberry Pie - Gates & Brovi
  • Medium Sweet Potato Pecan Pie - Hubbard Avenue Diner
  • Plum Tarts - Madison Sourdough
  • Pumpkin Pecan Pie - Market Street Diner/Carl's Cakes
  • Caramel Apple Walnut Pie - Monty's Blue Plate Diner
  • Vegan Raspberry Peach Pie - Pickle Jar
  • Black Bottom Oatmeal Pie - Rockhound Brewing Company
  • Butterscotch Bourbon Pie - Salvatore's Tomato Pies
  • Local Apple Pie - Willy Street Co-op
  • Local Pumpkin Pie - Willy Street Co-op


  • Breakfast Slab Pie - Beans n Cream Coffeehouse
  • Chicken Pastilla - Bunky's Cafe
  • TBA - Goodman Community Center Preservation Kitchen
  • Chicken Pot Pie - Harvest
  • Leek and Parmesan Quiche - Honey Bee Bakery
  • Spinach and Goat Cheese Phyllo Pie - Layla's
  • Spinach, Feta, shaved Fennel, and Walnut Quiche Torte - Liliana's
  • Roasted Leeks, Wild Mushrooms, and Aged Cheeses in an Herb Crust - Short Stack Eatery
  • Cheesy Mushroom Quiche - Water House Foods
  • Pumpkin Pecan Quiche - Water House Foods

2016 ADDITIONAL PIE BAKERS - Check back for what type of pie they will be bringing to Pie Palooza!

  • humble.
  • Merchant
  • Mezze

*Pies will rotate throughout the event so specific pies may not be available during your timed seating.  


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Photos from Pie Palooza 2015
Thank you to everyone who made Pie Palooza 2015 a success!

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