Nourishing the links between land and table

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Amidst cookie-dough-and-wrapping-paper school fundraisers, REAP's Taste of Wisconsin Holiday Sale provides a unique alternative featuring high-quality, artisan items - benefitting our community and supporting our schools!


The Taste of Wisconsin sale directly benefits participating schools and REAP's Farm to School program. Schools love offering items that students' families and friends actually want to buy, and local farms and businesses love this innovative way to sell their products. The Taste of Wisconsin Holiday Sale raises more than $25,000 for participating schools and more than $5,500 for REAP's Farm to School program, and sends over $40,000 to local farms and businesses. 

The Taste of Wisconsin Holiday Sale offers two ways to purchase

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Ordering from participating schools
sends proceeds (typically 35-40%)
directly to the school.

Ordering online from REAP
sends proceeds to REAP's
Farm to School program.

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"We were sick of selling junk for a fraction of the return. With the REAP fundraiser, our PTO gets to keep a larger percentage while selling something that everyone can feel good about."

Ruth Conniff, Lakeview Elementary parent